3 Reasons to Consider Adding a Vessel Sink During a Remodel

Vessel sinks are more than just a fad. For years, homeowners pursuing remodels, and those working on new construction, have seen this style of sink as a way to modernize their bathroom area with a unique and appealing appearance. This type of sink has a basin that sits on top of the counter instead of being set up inside to be flush with the surface. So, why consider this type of sink when the time comes to change things up in the bathroom?

Easier Installation

Regular sinks require that a large cut out be made in the surface of the vanity. For some homeowners, especially those that are looking to take on the remodel task without professional assistance, this can be daunting. Cutting too little can make the process time-consuming. Cutting too much could make the vanity worthless. Instead, vessel sinks require a much smaller hole, making the installation much easier.

Easy to Change

What happens when, a couple of years down the road, the room needs a small update? What happens when people don’t like the sinks they’ve selected? Once the hole for a traditional sink has been cut, it’s tough to just exchange it for something else. However, vessel sinks can easily be removed from the surface and replaced with another type of vessel sink. This cuts back on the cost to update the space and gives homeowners lots of options.

Extra Counter Space

It isn’t that a vessel sink is going to double the counter space. However, it is going to make a difference in how much will fit on the vanity. A person can spread out more things on the surface. At the same time, there is less concern that something is going to accidentally slide off the side of the vanity and into the sink, potentially being lost forever.

If you’re planning a remodel in the near future, head to http://www.uniquevanities.com/vessel-sinks.html to see some of the many options available for vessel sinks. There are lots of different styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Enjoy the unique appearance this type of sink will add to your bathroom area.